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Hello I am a student at south university why does it say congrats you been promoted to community member and then it says congrats you been promoted to observer? When i click on all the little dots instead of showing my classes it shows classes for a instructor. I am so confused by this isn't it suppose to show my classes as a student?


  • Hi @beth.g.693, sorry to hear about this as it sounds frustrating! It would be best to reach out to the support team at your university for technical help. They should be able to assist. 🙂

  • beth.g.693
    beth.g.693 Posts: 4 🔍

    I reached out to technical and they said we don't need to use this. I don't know how true I find that but that's what they said.

  • Lisa.C.417
    Lisa.C.417 Posts: 5 🌱

    Hi Beth, it seems like you might have confused Brightspace Community which is provided for people who are customers of Brightspace with the Brightspace you need to use for your classes. You can get to the South University Brightspace through your student portal. If you need help, please email me at [email protected] and I will help you get to the right place.