Menu Icon Missing on Brightspace Pulse app on iPhone 15 Pro iOS 17.0.3, unable to log out of pulse

Bill.E.138 Posts: 3 🔍
The menu icon is missing from the Pulse app on my iPhone 15 pro iOS17.0.3 and I am unable to log out of the Pulse app. I have to delete the app to get logged out. Any ideas?



  • Hello Bill,

    Thank you for contacting us through the Brightspace community!

    Have you tried to update the application to see if it resolves the issue?


  • Bill.E.138
    Bill.E.138 Posts: 3 🔍

    Yes, I have updated the pulse app. The app worked fine before I got my new phone. Since this is now on iOS 17.0.3 and not the 16.x.x iOS I believe there will need to be an adjust made to the Pulse app to correct the issue.


  • Hey Bill, we've had a few updates to the Pulse app in the past month, can you confirm that you're on version 2.2310.532 and try again?
    Also there's 2 methods of signing out (if for some reason 1 is giving you issues)
    - Long pressing your account in the left pull-out bar (clicking the menu icon)
    - In settings logging out of all accounts