Audio disappears when video plays on Brightspace


Hi there,

I have few videos that I'm uploading on Brightspace. But when I play those videos, it plays with no audio. The audio disappears. Can someone advise? and how this can be resolved?

Thank you


  • Pulkit.Y.864

    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community! May I suggest you to open a support ticket with us for us to further investigate this issue please?
    Kind Regards, Pulkit

  • Roma.P.670
    Roma.P.670 Posts: 14 🌱

    How do I open a ticket?

  • Peter.W.985

    It is possible that AWS MediaConvert doesn't support the audio codec in the source video. Which format is it in? I'd try to convert it to .mp4 before uploading. In this case there will be no transcoding required and your audio track will be played as is.

    Hope this helps!