Does the Quick Eval tool rely on course start/end dates?

Maureen.B.923 Posts: 106 🧭
edited November 2022 in Customer Enablement

Our Quick Eval widgets are always empty. Our courses are marked as active, but do NOT have start/end dates.


Can someone please confirm the lack of start/end dates are the issue?

  • If yes, I'll submit a PIE. (Our courses are self-serve and do not have start/end dates.)
  • If no, what other reasons might there be for the Quick Eval showing up as empty?


  • Megan.S.88
    Megan.S.88 Posts: 53
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    Hi Maureen,


    Yes and No - Definitely end dates can play a role as to whether or not submissions will show up. Since you're not using them, that does not make sense.


    This article talks about roles - cascading roles do not work with Quick Eval, and that is usually the issue.


    If you're having further issues with getting submissions to show, please reach out to Support and we can troubleshoot your issues.