What file formats are supported when uploading quiz questions from a file?

I am importing quiz questions from my own pre-existing question database for my course. My multiples choice questions are currently in AIKEN format, but this doesn't seem to be supported as an upload format. What is acceptable?


  • Janet.W.813
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    Hi Regan.Z.708,

    Brightspace supports many question types:

    • true or false
    • multiple choice
    • multi-select
    • written response
    • short answer
    • multi-short answer
    • fill in the blanks
    • ordering
    • matching
    • arithmetic
    • significant figures

    but only one file type for importing:

    Aiken is a GIFT formatted file and is not easily converted to csv unfortunately.

    If you, or someone on your team, is proficient at programming, you could write a script that converts the GIFT files (which export as .txt files) into .csv files.

    Kind regards,