Unknown error sending email - PDF attachment

Recently I have received reports of users receiving a generic error message when attempting to send emails with PDF attachments. I have tested and replicated the issue multiple times but have been unable to identify a common cause. It does not occur with every PDF document, only some. The file size and number of recipients in my test has varied but generally the tests have stayed within the file size limit allowed by D2L and the browser.

Is anyone familiar with this issue and able to offer an explanation as to what may be causing it and how to avoid it?

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  • Hello @John.S.971

    Thank you for posting your question.
    Can you please update us if the issue is resolved? The email-sending issue might affect a larger group of D2L users. If the issue continues, I suggest you contact our Admin Support Team for assistance.

  • We also had an instructor who was experiencing the same issue, but trying to send .DOCX files. I was not able to replicate it on my end, but it might have to do with using an older browser (Safari in this case).

  • Kira.H.305
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    Is there any documentation on this issue? I have a faculty member currently who received the same error when attempting to send a PDF via the Classlist email tool. I asked her to try sending the same email (ie. same text and recipients) but with the files saved into a zip file, and she had the same result. I am aware of the limited email size, but even with the zip file, recipients, and text the email should not have exceeded the max allowance, and she did not have the same problem when emailing her classes earlier this semester.

  • Hi @Kira.H.305 ,

    Thanks for updating the issue through this thread!

    We had similar issue in late September and the issue was resolved. If you have any issue in recent days then I would request you to raise a case to us to check further on this.