Reporting Language Pack Challenges

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Hello, Brightspace Community!

We're excited to share an important development in our ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience in Brightspace. Localization at D2L has been hard at work, and they've just released an informative article that will help our clients report translation errors or missing translations in Brightspace.

📰Read the Article Here

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect to find in the article:
How to Report Translation Errors: Step-by-step instructions on how clients can report any translation issues they encounter while using Brightspace. It's a simple process, and your feedback is invaluable.
Engage with Our Localization Team: Connect with our Localization team and provide feedback through the Microsoft form or by contacting your Brightspace Administrator.
Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Learn about the measures we are taking to ensure that translation errors are minimized and missing translations are addressed promptly.