PDF files not displaying in Content

I have been notified by an instructor that they are unable to view any PDF files within their course. They are using the New Content Experience and if they select any of the PDF files from the Content tab they receive a display error similar to the one below.

I have been unable to duplicate this error using a number of accounts and even impersonating the user. When I check these PDFs they load in the D2L display window without issue. The instructor tested other browsers and found that this only occurs in Google Chrome (their preferred browser) which leads me to believe it is related to their browser settings. However, I did not replicate the issue when using Chrome and I did confirm that their browser is up to date.

Has anyone encountered this issue before and if so did you find a way to resolve this issue?


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  • Michelle.T.865
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    Thank you, John.

    More details may be required for us to investigate this issue. A support ticket will help us dive deeper into the issues seen. Please open an Admin Support case with your LMS Administration team and we will be happy to help figure out what's going on with the instructor's view!



  • Hi @John.S.971 ,

    Thank you for your question. Can you please have the instructor check if the issue is reproduced in Incognito Browser Mode or with browser extensions turned off? Some browser extensions may interfere with the LMS and it is recommended that extensions are turned off for the best user experience.

    Please let us know if this helps!


  • John.S.971
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    Thank you for the suggestions, they both make sense and I will remember them in the future. I did recommend the instructor try this, unfortunately, they report that the issue persists in an incognito window and with the extensions disabled.

    Kind regards