how do i get an embedded object that has the bottom 'check' button cut off to display?



we've got an object in an iframe but the 'check' button is cut off the content window of the brightspace? what do i have to change in the html source editor to get that 'check' button to show within the content window please? thanks


  • Johnny.B.962

    Hello! iframe's are notorious for being a bit tricky. If you are comfortable selecting the HTML Source Editor within the toolbar of the editor (that's the icon that looks like </> ) or using the Attributes option under the + icon, either will allow you to make some modifications to the iframe and the objects around it. First you might want to make sure that the size (height and width) of your iframe is big enough, or allows for internal scrolling. Next would be to check if there's a <div> or <p> that the iframe is within and that can also be modified with a style="overflow:hidden;" and other properties which can help with showing content that would otherwise be cut off. Additionally, if the last thing in your text was going to be that iframe and nothing else, you could try adding in just a blank line below it to ensure that the bottom of the iframe isn't cut off as well.

    Hope any of those help! Feel free to make a reply if you have additional questions/need more help with what I'm suggesting as by your use of "iframe" I'm assuming you might know a little more html/css than you are leading on.