How do I change my role in Domo?

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I'm a Brightspace Super Admin, but in Domo I only have an Author role. How do I change my role in Domo to Admin (or at least Privileged)?


I tried submitting a case ticket directly to Domo, but they replied, "I believe this is a better question to be asked of Brightspace Help Desk as they will have more context on your current account and your status."


Our instance of Domo has 2 admins, but they're both associated with D2L email addresses. No other Brightspace admins know how our Domo instance was set up.


Right now I:

- Can't see when admin owned datasets were last run

- Can't delete pages I created

- Need to edit PDP

- Need to be able to assign people Author roles

- etc.


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    It would be great to get additional permissions with Domo authors license.

  • Maureen.B.923
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    So it turns out most of the issues I listed above aren't actually issues.

    1. Yes, I can delete my own pages. It's just not intuitive and has to be done through a different screen. It's a clunky process.
    2. Yes, I can apply PDP - but only to my own datasets. Unfortunately most of our datasets were created by D2L before anyone at my company was really using Domo. This means I need to essentially duplicate D2L datasets to apply my own PDP.
    3. According to D2L, we only get 2 Author licenses with the implementation (I'm sure this differs between companies). I assumed that as a Brightspace admin, I'd get Domo admin access too.


    My biggest complaint is the inability to see details on D2L created dataflows. I submitted the following PIE: