Pulse login issues with iPad

I'm encountering the following message when logging in the Pulse app on iPad: "Safari can't open the page. Error: cannot parse response" Has anybody run into this? I used to be able to use the app on the iPad with no issues. Please help.


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Sergio,

    Check that you iPad still meets the Brightspace Pulse platform requirements

    If your iPad meets the requirements you could try:

    • Clearing Cookies and Data for Brightspace & the Pulse application
    • Restarting Safari
    • Changing the default Browser App on the iPad
    • Try connecting on a different network/internet connection e.g. phone
    • Worst case uninstall/reinstall the Pulse App

    If the issue persists please reach out to your institution's Brightspace support team for additional guidance.

    Hope that helps!

  • Sergio.S.773

    Thank you Chris! I will try those steps.