I need to change my username pronto

Idk what it is about the username you guys gave me, but it refuses to let me log in unless I use the email that was sent to me. I need to change it to my ubit username.


  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 184 admin

    Hi @Matias.B.707 ,

    Welcome to the Brightspace Community and thanks for reaching out to us!

    Usernames on the Community site are set and kept due to our SSO log-in. This log-in system will allow you to access multiple areas of the Brightspace Community, such as our Product Idea Exchange and Brightspace Learning Center. You can learn more in our SSO Registration guide. You can also learn more about the Community in our Community Tour!

    If you are looking for your learning institution's Brightspace Learning Environment, you can use our Log-In Finder tool to access their site.