Edit Daylight Templates

Are the daylight templates that we see from the drop down menu in "Create a File" editable?

As in the css/html files, for e.g. I want the h2 headers to be in blue always, so whenever I select a template file from that dropdown, the h2 headers should be in blue instead of green.

Or the boxes outline should also be in blue.

The logo in footer should be our university logo preloaded.

Is there anyway to do this?

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  • Susan.W.104
    Susan.W.104 Posts: 15
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    Hi @Moaz.M.734

    I do for our institution, yes!

    After adding the files to your manage file area - unzip them. Then, in that managed file area, go to the Daylight_HTML_template then Module tempates (V2) path, or if you are using (V3) Brightspace_HTML_Templates "pages", find the template page you use. I typically either just use the "Elements" page or the Tabs or Accoridon, I edit those and preload them with the logo. What I find is I will make a copy of the "Elements" page, then rename that copy to something I prefer with my edits.


  • Moaz.M.734
    Moaz.M.734 Posts: 8 🌱

    hi @Susan.W.104

    thanks so much for this suggestion! I will give it a try and update on how it goes. I had a feeling there was a way to do but didn't know how, thanks for sharing!