Pulse App - Upcoming events issue


In the pulse app Upcoming section, only events in the first week are shown.

The events were added in the calendar widget with a weekly repeat, but only the initial event is shown, none of the weekly repeated events are being displayed in the pulse app.



  • John.M.793
    John.M.793 Posts: 2 🔍
    it's recommended to check the app's settings and ensure that the weekly repeat pattern is correctly recognized and displayed for upcoming events in the Pulse app. If the issue persists, contacting the app's support team could provide further assistance in resolving this matter. :)
  • jennifer.F.105

    Hi Trevor

    Thanks for raising this. We have encountered the same issue with recurring events not appearing in the Pulse App for students.

    I note John has made a suggestion regarding app settings but if anyone from D2L can cast more light on how to address this it would be appreciated.