How can I see how many active users I have in our org as well as how many users I am allowed to have

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I need to see how many active users I have in our org and compare against the number of allowed active users in our current subscription.


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    Hello @Angela.I.507,

    This is a great question!

    Although you may be able to report on a user's active status within the Brightspace Application using Data Hub — specifically the Users Data Set — a user's active status within Brightspace does not necessarily correlate to them being billable. Therefor, due to a number of factors, at this time, we do not surface information on billable users within the application.

    Having said this, you may attempt to build out the equivalent of a billable users report that takes into account the specific terms of your agreement by combining various data sets available within the Data Hub. In full transparency: this may prove to be more challenging that one would initially expect, due to the variability of one's individual terms and conditions as well as a number of considerations that may not appear to be obvious.

    If you would like to better understand the nature of your organization's contractual agreement with D2L for this purpose or otherwise, we recommend you have the appropriate members of your organization reach out and have this conversation with the D2L Client Sales Executive (CSE) assigned to your account. Your CSE can provide you a snapshot of your current usage and/or participate in any conversations regarding your contract with D2L.

    I hope this helps!


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