What are the submission view dates?


When I look at my quizzes under "Manage Dates," there is a column labeled "Other dates." And in that column many of my quizzes have that box filled in with "Submission Views" then what the view is and a date. For example "Submission Views show answers: 8/31/2022." These dates were not modified in the Bulk offset that I did. What exactly do these dates do, and why doesn't the bulk offset apply to them to? In the quiz section itself, I don't see anywhere that these dates show up. Currently, these dates are all set for 2021 or 2022 rather than the current year (2023). Does this matter at all? Also, if I click on them, there is a "Name" box in which appears "show answers" and a date box. So I can modify the date for each individual quiz. But the name box does not have a drop down menu. So if I change it to something else, I'm not sure if it affects anything at all.


  • Sarah.W.171

    Hi there, thanks for reaching out to Community!

    Submission Views refer to what a student sees when they complete/return to their quiz submission. By default, all the student sees 'Your quiz has been submitted successfully.' You can change this, in the Evaluation & Feedback tab of editing a Quiz, and further add Submission Views so that on a submission view date, the student return to the quiz and now see their responses/the correct answers. Inside the Quiz, you can find these settings in Evaluation & Feedback > Customize Quiz Results Displays and then create an additional 'view' - it sounds like this may be worth reviewing inside your individual quizzes. These dates can be changed in the Manage Dates area - though as you noted the 'name' of the view is simply Additional View + Original Date (which doesn't change after you change the date). As for why this is not part of Offset Dates, that I am not sure.

    I hope this helps!

  • Galen.B.243
    Galen.B.243 Posts: 2 🌱

    Thanks! I think I understand. The dates in that column are for additional views. I assume that if you designate a date and time the same as or prior to the start date of the quiz, then this view would supersede the default view.