Release Conditions unavailable?


My colleagues and I are modifying a shell by importing an existing shell into a sandbox environment and making changes. What we are finding though, is that assignments are marked as having a release condition, but there are no conditions set. The option to set those conditions is greyed out and unavailable. How can we fix this?


  • Sreelakshmi.N.546

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for reaching out to us through community.

    Since you mentioned that you imported the existing shell from another course or from a different environment, can you please check if the package has all the activities that belongs to the release condition added in the assignment. ?

    The chance here was that the package would have got exported without those release conditions?

    We can open a support case to troubleshoot the issue further. Do you have one opened already?



  • Mike.H.7
    Mike.H.7 Posts: 2 🌱

    My organization is also trying to find the issue. When the original package was exported, we made sure to select all components and selected the check box for include all course files. The items which should have been the basis of the conditions are present in the imported package, but the conditions themselves don't seem to have moved with it.