Looking how to enroll in an educational course

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Accreditation Canada
Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)
Recognition Program - Discovery
(Level 1)
Health and Social Service Organizations


  • Bruce.B.64
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    Hi Chassity - Reviewing your request - is there a specific institution you wanted to connect with? We can certainly help with any D2L / Brightspace-specific concerns however I think you're looking to sign up for a course offering with a specific customer.

    Let me know if we can be of assistance.


  • Hello @Chassity.C.300

    Thank you for reaching us through the Brightspace Community. This is a space to obtain/exchange info on the Brightsapce learning management system and discuss best practices using it.

    For enrollment inquiries, I recommend contacting the institution that offers the desired course directly.

    I hope this is useful.