What is the cause of an empty resource_link_id

Hi all,

We're configuring a new server integration and when I try to embed our content I'm noticing the resource_link_id field is empty.

Would anybody have an idea of what would cause this.

Apologies, my knowledge of D2L isn't great, so please ask if there are more details I should provide :smile:



  • Bruce.B.64

    Hi Jonny;

    The Resource Link ID is populated for setting up the registration between the third-party tool and Brightspace.

    More information is here: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/1087-course-copy-and-lti-faqs

    In this case, your third-party tool needs to have the appropriate replacement strings in the Link area to provide that information between your tool provider and Brightspace.

    When you are in the course offering and go to Course Admin > External learning tools > select the link, there is an option to view the link request to validate what is being sent to the tool provider:

    In that link request, you should see the Resource_ID that is being sent to the external third-party provider. This changed slightly with LTI 1.3 (Advantage) to handle things slightly differently than pre-LTI 1.3.

    You may need to work with your LMS Administrator to get some assistance as you may need to engage your third-party provider to assist.

    Let me know how you get along - Bruce.