I don't see any submission in quick eval even though i have more than 30 submission that i can see

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I have the assignment submission as a file submission, please let me know if you can. help


  • Heba.A.271

    Hi @faris.m.297 ,

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    Several reasons could be for not showing an activity in Quick Eval assuming you have the permission to view the tool. For example if assignment completion type is  Automatically on due date, by then when the due date passes, all submissions display in Quick Eval or if it is  Automatically on Evaluation, assignments will not displayed in Quick Eval. Group assignments are not listed in the Quick Eval.Also the course would need to be active course and is with its start and end date .

    The below resources can help in providing more insight on the tool:

    Quick eval FAQ

    Evaluate with Quick Eval

    Hope this helps!


  • Sarah.W.901
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    FYI, I was not able to find the "Automatically on Due Date" or evaluation setting in our instance, but I found that there is an option to dismiss an assignment in the 3 dot "…" menu next to the assignment name.

    A dismissed activity can be restored by going to the other 3 dot menu "…" at the top of the Quick Eval page and then going to the "Dismissed Activities"