Can I view inline feedback for a student who has been withdrawn?

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Sometimes I need to find the feedback left on an assignment for a student who has been withdrawn from a course. So what I usually do is go into Classlist --> Enrollment Statistics to find the student who was withdrawn, select the option to view their grades, then I can click on the link to their assignment folder submission. Here I can see instructor attached documents which is how I usually provide feedback.


My question: If a submission was graded using inline feedback, would I be able to view it here in the assignment folder of a withdrawn user?


Thank you in advance for your responses!


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  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Update to this discussion: now view grades, feedback, submissions including assignments and their annotations and quizzes for students who have been withdrawn from the course.

    From "classlist", select "enrollment statistics" and then "View Grades" to access this assessment information


  • Megan.T.486
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    Hi @David Burnham​ 

    Great question! Unfortunately, because withdrawn students are removed from the course, their work will therefore also disappear from the Assignment folders. The LMS will no longer store work submitted by a withdrawn student in the respective Activities tools to prevent any confusion with what work needs to be assessed for the rest of the learners.


    We apologize for the inconvenience that your current workflow may cause.




  • Olly.Fayers3120
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    We have the occasional request to view a student's assignments or feedback for a course that they are no longer studying. When that happens, we have to reactivate their account and re-enrol them on the relevant course offering to retrieve it. I'd love for there to be an easier way to handle these kinds of cases.

  • David.Burnham6429
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    @Megan Tse​ @Olly Fayers​ Thank you for your replies! Yes, this means we will have to re-enroll students to obtain copies of past feedback, which is a bit challenging. I think what we might do is just get in the habit of downloading copies of inline feedback and attaching it as an attached file in cases where it is more highly likely that we will need to go back and find that feedback, as we can still see attached files for unenrolled students.

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    We leave our Withdrawns in for this reason - but then it causes the opposite issue of students on a course that they are no longer participating in. Would be great have a better way to handle this scenario.