Is there a way to flag a grade item to display in the Calendar via the LTI I.3 lineitem service?

I have someone asking about their grade items from external tools not showing in the Calendar or Assignment list. I was wondering if there is a custom parameter in the lineitem service that will flag a grade item to be displayed on the calendar with the startDateTime and endDateTime? If not, do you have any recommended on the easiest approach to accomplish this?


  • Bharti.B.332

    Hello @Chris.A.36

    Thank you for reaching us through Brightspace Community!

    There is a PIE request that speaks similar to your query that you can upvote for our team to review this idea.

    Support Calendar Dates for LTI 1.3 Advantage Assignment and Grade Services (D9332)

    We highly encourage upvoting the idea to raise visibility and participate in the comments section of the idea with your inputs and suggestions.

    Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact.

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