I'm new here I was wondering "Why is the smiley face on my Profile Red?

I was searching through this web page and was just wondering why my icon smiley face was read? Do I really need this site for my classes? I'm attending Midlands Technical College in the fall and I already signed up on the Midlands Technical College site is this a different site not related to Midlands Technical College.


  • Ricardo.S.110

    Hi @Kimberly.B.900

    Thanks for reaching the Brightspace Community.

    Your profile icon was randomly assigned to it when you signed up for the Brightspace Community site.

    The good news is you may change it at any time.

    To do so, just click your profile picture and go to 'Account and Privacy Settings'

    Then, click 'change my profile picture' (see below).

    Then just click Upload New Picture at the bottom of your screen.

    So now, just to make sure I am addressing your question, yes! Your Midlands Technical College site is different from this one. Again this is the Brightspace Community site - where you can find info about Brightspace (Midlands Technical College's Learning Management System).

    I hope this is helpful.