Pulse App - no audio


We have users who are experiencing issues with the Pulse app on their tablets and smartphones where the audio isn't loading when they play our scorm packages which are in the compatible format. Any ideas why this is happening?


  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 254

    Hi Heather,
    Make sure the users are running the latest version of the Pulse App.
    Get them to check for updates in the app store and revisit the content if they haven't already done so.
    Double check the content plays as expected (for you) in a supported web browser on the desktop.
    Try and replicate the issue if you can on the Pulse App.
    If the issue persists best to open a case with the Support team.
    Provide them with:

    • Link to the course/SCORM in which this is happening
    • OS information of the tablet and smartphone the users have the issue on e.g. Apple or Android
    • Note that you have verified the content plays as expected from the desktop and/or you can/cannot reproduce the issue

    Hope this helps!

  • Heather.K.449
    Heather.K.449 Posts: 43 🧭

    Thank you, Chris! Your response if very helpful. We have already placed a support ticket and are waiting for more information back. Thanks again!