How to find and delete unused SCORM files

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We have a large number of unused SCORM files on our platform (for various reasons, including when we would upload new versions of SCORM files before we knew we could upload a new version by overwriting the old one). When we upload the SCORMs, they aren't included in the course file folder. I can't find the actual folder anywhere.

Can someone direct me to where these SCORMs are stored, and also, if there's a way to identify which ones are NOT being currently used in a course, that would be a huge help! :)



  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Wanda,
    Yes, the SCORM datasets can help you out here.
    See the following:

    Using the SCORM Objects dataset you can see all the SCORM objects that exist, and which course and which topic they are located in. Using the SCORM Visits dataset lists each user visit on each SCORM object.
    Between the two you should have enough information to identify which SCORMs are still in use, and being accessed. Best to cross reference this with data from the Organisational Units datasets etc. to identify if courses are still active and/or the content still being accessed. Ideally you want to avoid deleting content that is still being actively accessed.

    If in doubt don't delete 😉
    Hope this helps!

  • Wanda.B.947
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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing this information, but it doesn't really help me.

    I downloaded both data sets, and there is a LOT of data that doesn't mean much to me. The SCORM visits data has the SCORM IDs (long strings of characters but no file names), course ID numbers, and lots of other data - but it would be a lot of time and effort to sort through. I still wouldn't be confident if I was looking at old or active SCORM content. That aside, it also doesn't tell me where those SCORMs are stored, nor how to delete them.