Best Admin Process Flow for Instructor Accessiblity

Hi - Do any super users have any specific workflow suggestions for the registrar type moves required to divide a set of learners into sections, and assign instructors to those sections, and the steps to confirm the enrolment and respective UX of those two groups from an admin perspective? With a clear sense of how to design this workflow - it would benefit how I plan an accessible training to orient instructors to their assigned courses, tools, and navigation.


  • Matt.W.287
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    Hi Simon

    Depending on what sort of integration you have between the Registrar system ("SIS") and Brightspace, the SIS typically only sees its own Course Listings and Brightspace maintains the merged connections between the Course Offering (the "container of course content") and the Sections (the "container of Students/Learners"). So you may just enroll the students and instructors in the listings themselves and the integration ensures those users are enrolled in the shared parent course offering.

    It's common practice to have the Instructor's role settings set up to allow them access to all groups and sections. That way you don't have to explicitly enroll them in each section but rather just in the course offering in Brightspace and they will have access to all groups/sections automatically (Admin Tools > Roles & Permissions > {click the menu arrow next to "Instructor" and choose Settings).

    To review enrollments in a course you can see the Classlist as a whole or by group/section. This is done using a dropdown that automatically appears if there are multiple groups/sections in the course. Alternatively you can see this data under Course Admin > Groups or Course Admin > Sections, or it can also be seen in the Data Hub in one of the Enrollments data sets.

    Videos for these subjects can be found on YouTube or in the Learning Center here on the Community site.

    I hope that's helpful. If anyone else has their own tips/tricks, please do add further comments below.