How to get a list of courses with gradebook information

I'm trying to find a way to get a list of all the courses in a given semester and, of those, how many how a gradebook. I can't seem to find any data sets that will give some or all of that information. Any ideas on where I can look?


  • Matt.W.287
    Matt.W.287 Posts: 51

    Hi Nick

    The way to get this info is by combining multiple Brightspace Data Sets together. Without a custom report of some sort you won't find all that information in a single source.

    The Organizational Unit Descendants data set can be filtered by OrgUnitId (the "parent") to be just the Semester you're after, and then add columns to the right of the DescendantOrgUnitId with course offering information (which you pull from Organizational Units data set). That will give you a list of courses under a single semester.

    All courses "have a gradebook", but there may be (a) nothing aside from the Final Grade grade item in it or (b) no activities/assessments configured to push their scores to the grade items in the gradebook. So it depends on what you're looking to find.

    If you want to know which courses have Final Grades used by one or more users then you could start with the Grade Results data set and filter it for the Final Grade. Then search through the results for something that indicates that there are only NULL values for all of the enrolled users (this approach results in multiple rows per course so you'll need a pivot table to give a list with just a single row per course).

    I hope that's helpful.