Publish Date Recorded?

My university manages instructors posting a weekly announcement by scanning their announcement Start Date. However, the Start Date defaults to the date the announcement is first saved. If saved as a draft, the announcement has not yet been posted.

To avoid receiving warning messages about not posting an announcement, the university requires all instructors to consciously change the Start Date to the appropriate date.

A more effective and efficient approach would be to monitor the Publish Date along with the Start Date, or provide a Posting Date which is the later of the two other dates.

My question is, does Brightspace save the Publish Date and how can my organization access it?


  • Janet.W.813

    Hi @William.J.146 !

    There is a dataset in Data Hub called Announcements with the following fields captured:

    Here is a link to an article that provides more information about this Dataset:

    I am running a test and will have the results tomorrow to see if the Publish Date is in the report and if so, which field it is comprised within. I will provide additional information once the dataset has been generated.


  • Janet.W.813


    The test shows the following dates are reported in the Announcements Dataset:

    3 - Last Modified Date - Date the announcement is Published - would also include any Updates/Changes made after initial Publish
    4 - Created Date - Date the announcement is first saved

    Hope that helps!


  • William.J.146
    William.J.146 Posts: 3 🔍

    Thank you Janet,

    It helps to confirm that the answer is no, a Publish Date is not recorded. My university could in theory monitor the isDraft bit during the Monday an announcement needs to be posted but an easier code would be a Publish Date.