This is my first time using the community site. I’m a student at Remington College Online.

I’m I doing this the correct way?


  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 179 admin

    Hi @Veronica.H.780 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community, and welcome!

    This is the place to connect with educators, administrators, developers, and fellow learners on how to use Brightspace and our latest updates. You can check out our Community FAQ to learn more about what you can do here, or take a Community Tour!

  • Sarah.C.444
    Sarah.C.444 Posts: 4 🌱
    Hey Veronica,

    This is Sarah C. over at Remington. This part of brightspace is designed to connect you with resources that give you answers on how to use the brightspace system.

    You can think of it as a community of brightspace users. I'm going to touch bases with you to make sure you've got all you need.
  • Sarah.C.444
    Sarah.C.444 Posts: 4 🌱
    Hey @Veronica.H.780

    This is Sarah with Remington College. Accessing the community is one way that you can find support, answers, and (sometimes) hacks to make navigating Brightspace easier as a student.

    I would like to touch bases and make sure you have all that you need to feel comfortable. If you could email me via, I can set up a time to touch bases and answer questions.

    Hope to hear from you soon!