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My colleague has copied the Student role to create a new one, Student Support. Someone with that role is not able to see courses in the My Courses widget although they're enrolled. It's not that the courses are appearing as Inactive - they're just not visible at all. I've been through all the permissions but haven't found the one that controls this. The role does have permissions to view the My Courses widget and the Course Management Console.

Regards, Marion

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  • Bharti.B.332
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    Hello @Marion.M.308

    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community!

    Inactive courses were never intended to be visible to anyone unless they have access to them via the "Access Inactive Courses" role setting. An inactive course is essentially a course that's not ready yet, kind of like in Draft mode. Unless you are willing to  grant that setting, currently there's no way to make the course viewable in the my courses widget, without granting access.

    Please raise a support case with us to investigate further if the issue is occurring for a user enrolled in courses that are active and still not appearing in my courses widget.




  • Marion.M.308
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    Hello Bharti

    Thanks for your response. When a course is inactive, students are able to see course tiles in the My Courses widget but they are marked Inactive. In this particular instance, the tiles don't appear at all to someone with the role Student Support so I assumed it was a permissions issue. Other roles can view the course tiles.

    I will raise a support case.

    Regards, Marion