Setup of Org Unit in Insights Report Builder

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hello there, can i seek help / advice on how to setup the Org unit relationship in IRB?
how should i setup the dataflows/relationships for this? tk u so much.
Semester Code > School Code > Parent Department Code > Course Offering ID / Name


  • Matt.W.287
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    Hi Eli

    The Org Structure relationships that you choose depend on what you actually have connected to each other in the Admin Tools > Org Unit Editor. However all systems will have the "Standard Department" (which may go by another name - see Org Unit Editor > Manage Types) followed by Course Template, followed by Course Offering.

    Custom Org Unit Types (OUTypes) are found between the Department and Organization levels. It's up to each client administrator to ensure that they are being consistent with the way OUTypes connect to each other.

    The Semester OUType is another special case in that it connects the Organization directly to the Offerings. So Offerings commonly have two parents (Template and Semester).

    I hope that's helpful.
    Learning Administration Manager

  • eli.l.105
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    dear Matt, tks so much. i have setup the dataflow as shown. In the matrix table - the org unit is still the high level i.e. my institution name. i can't seem to find the Schools & Diploma Programs fields from Dimensions list.

    I am trying to achieve this sequence of drill downs for my matrix table:

    Semester Code > School Code > Parent Department Code > Course Offering ID / Name

    Seek your advice. thank you so much.