Does feedback that has been published appear to students even if the grade item is hidden?

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I am working with a faculty member where students are able to view the feedback for the Final test with grade item hidden.


The instructor says feedback was added when grading through Enter Grades in the course, and students are able to view the feedback when going and viewing their attempt on the Final test.

I suspect this is expected behavior, but I wanted to confirm that is the case. The instructor does not believe feedback should be able to be viewed when the grade item is hidden.


Thanks for any help!



  • Sangeetha.T.629
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    Hi @Michael Kieliszewski​ ,


    Thanks for reaching us. If the assignment/quiz is visible to the students, the grade item is hidden, the feedback is published. This is working as designed. The student should be able to go into Assignments/quiz and see their grade.


    So, As you mentioned it is working as expected.


    Please feel free to reach if there is any questions/concerns.