Kaltura integration with Brightspace - any issues encountered at rollover?



when rolling over a test batch of modules in advance of our actual rollover, we noticed that the Kaltura media gallery within Brightspace was empty i.e. the content hadn't copied across

Have any other Kaltura/Brightspace integration users had any issues with video content copying across during rollover?

And if so how did you fix it?

The LT1 1.3 Advance integration looks fine and is applied to all models

We are following a pretty standard rollover approach i.e.

1. We create empty course shells for each module for the coming year by transferring information on the modules that will be running in the coming year from our Student Information System into Brightspace (IPSIS) .

2. We then create a csv file that copies content from the previous year's modules into the coming year's modules 

3. This csv file is uploaded and processed using the Brightspace Copy Course Bulk - CCB - tool


  • Sreelakshmi.N.546


    Thank you for reaching out to us via community!

    May we know whether the Kaltura links that are in the existing courses are Legacy links or LTI 1.3 links?



  • Generic.A.750
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    Hi Sreelakshmi

    Just to confirm that the links in the existing courses are LT1.3 Advantage, not legacy links

    After yesterday's test rollover with a handful of courses I'm just waiting for content from all last year's courses to be copied across into the blank shells

    we'll the check whether the media galleries are still empty and, just as importantly we'll check to see whether videos embedded and/or linked to in course pages work

    Kaltura support sent me the link at the end of this message which contains the information copied below and now we're wondering whether an empty media gallery is to be expected

    "Note that if you Copy All Components from a DEV or Master to another D2L course, everything will copy
    except for the Course Media gallery, because it is specific to an individual D2L course site [w're wondering whetehr this means each year's instance of a course]

    Therefore, you will need to ….. share media [to the new instance of the course] from your My Media (which remains intact no matter which course you are working in), or follow the steps in this tutorial to [manually] import media from one Course Media gallery to another".

    However, not sure whether the Brightspace/Kaltura LT1.3 integration is designed to also copy the content of the course media gallery across as well (in addition to videos directly embedded/linked to in course pages )


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Generic.A.750 That's normal behavior for a Course Media Gallery within a D2L course. The videos within a Gallery will never copy over to a different course because students can add videos to the Gallery and that's considered student data, which doesn't get copied from course to course.

  • Generic.A.750
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    thanks @Generic.A.750  - much appreciated 🙂

    Kaltura also responded with the info below, which I'll share in case its of use to any other Brightspace/Kaltura integration users out there

    It does appear that when embedded videos are played after the rollover, they do populate the media gallery

    Just a note to say that on the student content side, I think we have the galleries set up by default to not allow this but will check

    Kaltura said:
    Upon reviewing internally I can confirm that Media Gallery during course copy is a current limitation, which relays on LMS.

    Do note that it affects only media that was manually published into the course Media Gallery, because there is a second way for media to appear in the Gallary. That option is "Display embedded media in this Media Gallery" under course Media Gallary settings. As it displays entries embedded on course pages (which have no limits on copying courses).

    Yes, content from other courses can be imported using the "Import" option, as described on a article I shared.

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    sorry - just tagged myself - meant @Jennifer.W.973