Error about Invalid deep linking response from the tool: Invalid JWT.

Penghai.Z.480 Posts: 6 🌱
Hi everyone, I am a developer of a tool provider. We can use LTI 1.3 to launch our tool. However, when we send a deep linking response back to Brightspace, we have an error saying the JWT is invalid. We have done extensive research about this issue but could not figure out why. So I am seeking some help here.

Here is the JWT we sent:

"aud": "",
"": "LtiDeepLinkingResponse",
"": "03859e2a-49bb-45c8-94ed-fb1890bba5b5",
"azp": "fb926228-6667-4b91-bd36-51beaffa9b64",
"": "1.3.0",
"iss": "fb926228-6667-4b91-bd36-51beaffa9b64",
"exp": 1687840797,
"iat": 1687840737,
"nonce": "13324b287290496b28cc102634f90d84",
"": "RobbU-RZ7-oPvQw1gzcWXxTfABBTs4Dho9q-yegWXWo~"

The content items claim is skipped as whether it's included in the JWT does not make any difference.

And this is the error ID we found from the system log.

Error ID #49641916064535455188278846967601796977871803813891932354.0
Error processing deep linking return

Any idea or comment is appreciated!