Designing or Attaching a Form for Students to Submit in D2L


I would like to design a form for students to complete and submit along with many of their assignments in D2L. It is a form that will note the extent of their use of AI and/or ChatGPT in the assignment. What is the best way to do that? Is it possible to design forms in D2L? Is it possible to attach them to assignments? Is it possible to attach them to assignments that also require a file submission. If it is not possible to do this within D2L, can I design a form in Microsoft 365 and attach it?

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  • Mike.B.559
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    If it were possible to have ungraded questions in a quiz, you could use the FIB question types to gather information. Just put an answer like RANDOM as the "correct" answer to a FIB question. The system will mark the answer as wrong, but who cares. You will have the information you need.

    The problem, of course, will be getting the information out of BrightSpace.

    I think you are right to ask for this tool within the platform. Sure it can be accomplished with an MS or Google Form, but in my opinion the BrightSpace survey tool (especially the interface) needs a significant overhaul and this would be a useful innovation to consider as part of it.


  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi David, MS Word documents can be added as attachments to an assignment. Users can download the form (MS Word docx), complete and submit as part of a file submission. Thereafter these submissions can be evaluated in Brightspace. In a similar way, Microsoft Forms can be added as a weblink to an assignment, with instructions for a Learner to complete. Responses to MS Forms are collated and evaluated outside of Brightspace. The Brightspace Quiz and Survey tools may also be useful when considering options to capture the information.

    If your institution is using the ePortfolio tool you can create fillable templates (dependant on user role permissions). The ePortfolio template can be shared with Leaners, attached to the assignment as a link etc. from which they can create an ePortfolio artifact and submit as part of a file sunmission. If relevant this flow is best described in the following resource About Form Templates,

    Hope that helps!