Is it possible to automatically put content, like a survey, into every course offering?

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I'd really like to know what the best way of putting content in every course offering is.


Is it possible to do this in a way that courses automatically contain certain content items when they are created? If not, what would be the best way to do this?


Our particular use case is that we want to put the same survey into every course offering, but there are other reasons that we'd be keen to know how to do this.


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    Hi Olly,


    We do this by having a 'Master course' with some modules which contain a Brightspace survey and associated content items. When new courses get created on Brightspace (via our SITS integration using the APIs) it also runs a course copy from the master course which just grabs content and the survey and puts in it each new empty course.


    If it wasn't automated we'd need to use the Bulk Course Copy feature, again to copy from a master course.


    We've had this approach for a few years to put a course evaluation survey in every course. It does have certain complexities and some weaknesses but I'm more than happy to chat about it further.


    Tim Galling

    TEL Development Manger

    Bournemouth University

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    Thanks, Tim. That's immensely useful. I'll let you know if we need to talk through it with you. Much appreciated.