Creating a widget like Announcements

Hi, does anyone have experience creating a widget like Announcements that lives on the main login page that only people with a certain role can see? Trying to blast out information but only for one particular role. Thanks!


  • Damia.M.272
    Damia.M.272 Posts: 1 🌱

    Hey there!
    To clarify, are you looking to make the whole widget only visible to one role, or just the announcement?

    I don't know if widgets can set visibility by role, but I'm pretty sure that announcements can have release conditions by role. If it's not possible to do the former, maybe one solution is to just add the "Announcements" widget for all and leave one announcement up in perpetuity that just acts as a "welcome to ____" page with an overview or tutorials or something (so it's not just an empty widget all the time). Then you could conditionally-release other information to just people with a certain role.

  • Vi.T.743
    Vi.T.743 Posts: 9 🌱

    I think that might work, thank you Damia! Going to try it!

  • Vi.T.743
    Vi.T.743 Posts: 9 🌱

    Visible to just one role. I was able to resolve it now, thanks!