What is ETA?


What ETA stands for?

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    Hello @Alla.Y.290

    To my knowledge, ETA is not a Brightspace-specific acronym, so it would depend on the context.

    However, generally speaking, my understanding is that ETA would stand for 'Estimated Time of Arrival', which is a general way of denoting when something is slated for release (arrival) or expected to occur.



    Question: "I heard that the new content experience (Lessons) may become the default content experience in the future"

    Reply: "Although our plan is to have the new content experience become our default content experience, we recognize that the experience needs to be further developed before that can happen. We currently do not have an ETA for this change."


    That said, if this does not help to explain ETA in the context you saw it appear, please feel free to elaborate or link to any pages where this was referenced and we can try to interpret.

    I hope this helps!