Globally enabling HTML Templates throughout an instance

Ellen.W.101 Posts: 11 🌱

What would be the best way to enable HTML templates globally throughout an entire instance? Is there a bulk upload tool to upload into multiple course sites? Also, is there a config variable browser that needs to be set and if so, how? (We currently have 8 branches. If I set this at the branch level as in the screen shot below, can I set at each branch to ensure the settings cascade to all applicable courses?


  • Hello Ellen, assuming the "Branch" custom org unit type is a child of organization org unit type and there exists only 1 organization in your instance, you can add the Override Value for the Organization level to ON and this will cascade down to all the child orgunits whether is Branches, Departments, Templates or Course Offerings underneath the organization. This will be a quick way to enable HTML Templates visibility in bulk.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Ellen.W.101
    Ellen.W.101 Posts: 11 🌱

    So then I would simply add the # of the organization in the Add Value area to enable this throughout the instance?