Is there a way to have assignments be marked as 0s after their deadline?

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Right now the only options I see are to either drop missing assignments or automatically count any posted assignment as a 0. I'm hoping there's a middle ground where an assignment logs a 0 after the due date, but not before then.



  • Martin.M.877
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    Hi @Megan Kensington​ , great question. Not currently.

    Within the assignment tool (and all activities), there is not yet any ability to set policies to control grades on late status or other status (i.e. progressive %5 discount per late day which is also). This all has to be done per activity.


    If late, the rubric could still be used (if used) to score the result, and then you can override the assignment total with 0 representing the strict late = 0 policy. This way its still assessed/evaluated (if this is your policy otherwise ignore... ) but overall score is set to 0 (as per your policy)


    It is possible to grade all via the grades too (you can grade all - then go in and add 0's to those that are late - but that list has to be manually created or displayed in the assignments tool via filtering all by late, then going through grades to update to 0 - this would also set their assignment total back to 0.