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After inserting all images and noting most as decorative, on accessibility check, I did not see the "Decorative" box checked. So I decided to add descriptions. When editing the images on flashcards, if flashcards were all in one row, editing one image name changed the name of the others if I also checked "image is decorative." Do I need to uncheck that box for it to be unique? Alternately, if flashcards are in a row, does that mean they should be all checked as decorative, with no additional description?



  • Hi Ssdavis,

    Thank you for your asking this question. I discussed this with the internal team, which seems like a defect. We created a defect on our side, and our development team is working on it.
    Would you like to create a case and let me know the case number?


  • Sarah.D.609
    Sarah.D.609 Posts: 2 🔍

    Sure! How do I create a case? New to D2L over here :).