Link to registration page?


Where/what is the most appropriate page to send others to so they can EASILY register and see the PIE idea I created for them? Everytime, I send someone a link to a PIE it brings them to the CA site that looks like it has nothing to do with Brightspace. I can find an adequate registration sign in page that is not confusing.


  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 297 admin

    Hi @nichole.gladky3425 ,

    This is such a great question!

    We have recently launched our beta testing experience to allow single sign on into PIE, Learning Center, and the ASC Homepage. This means that only one set of credentials is necessary to access these spaces😀

    We would love for you to register to experience this and provide us feedback in our designated Community discussion.

    Learn more about our Single Sign on Solution within our Community article.

    Because PIE is available to our clients, signing in with verified credentials is required and a direct link to a PIE item will not work. What we recommend is for someone to register to be a part of our beta test and connect with PIE through the Quick Links widget.

    Hoping this was helpful and we appreciate your feedback!