What new Community Groups would you like to see created?

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📝Note: As of July 6th, 2023, this poll is closed.

What We Learned:

  • 66% of you told us that you hope for more groups that provide educational assessment and evaluation opportunities
  • 33% of you shared that you'd like to see more groups that are social/emotional learning focused

We hear you!🤟

Based on your feedback, here are a few ways we are using what you've shared to create changes in Community:

  1. Stay tuned for an educator focused event coming up where we give our clients to spotlight through a Q and A style to share their best practices for instruction, assessment, and evaluation
  2. Stay tuned for more Community Groups coming that are geared towards regional based educators
  3. Product specific groups are in the works!

We are always grateful for your participation in community polls and surveys!🙏 It's all of us that make the community great!🌟

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We're always looking to incorporate your feedback to inspire positive community changes! We'd love to expand our Groups space to include groups that you want to connect with and would find value in😊

*Does this poll not quite get at what you're hoping for? Please tell us in the comments what types of Groups we might be overlooking.

What new Community Groups would you like to see created? 3 votes

STEM focused
Language Education focused
Educational Assessment and Evaluation focused
Lori.F.540Jon.K.955 2 votes
Social/Emotional Learning focused
Travis.H.362 1 vote
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