Revisiting Storyline module changes to incomplete



I'm having an issue when users revisit completed Storyline modules. They are able to complete them initially just fine, and the next release trigger happens. However, if users revisit the module and do not complete it before exiting, the module shows as incomplete but the release trigger is still triggered.

Any ideas how we can prevent the module from showing incomplete after an initial completion? It's really messing with our ability to generate accurate reports.



  • Natasha.B.837

    Hi there

    To prevent the module from showing incomplete after an initial completion, you may need to make some changes to one or more of the following settings/options in the Storyline files and then republish the modules to Brightspace:

    1. Trigger settings for the Complete course actions (i.e. when does the action send a Completed/Passed status to Brightspace and when does it send an Incompleted/Failed status).
    2. Reporting and Tracking options before publishing.

    I'm not sure if you are referring to Storyline "release triggers" or Brightspace "release conditions". I can only speak to the latter, where the following applies: "Once a user meets a release condition, the condition is cleared for that user and cannot be reset."

    So, if a release condition is set up so that a quiz is released in Brightspace when a learner completes the Storyline module, the quiz will be available as soon as the learner completes the module the first time. If they then revisit the module and do not complete it, the quiz remains available because the condition of completing the Storyline module has previously been met.