How to export feedback and grades from an assessment

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In dropbox we want to export all submissions preferbly with files + grades + feedback, but we have not managed to find where. Does anybody know?

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    Hello Karin

    Assignment (Dropbox) submissions can be downloaded from the Assignments tool from within each individual folder by clicking the checkbox for all users, or just selecting some, and clicking Download.

    Grades and Feedback cannot be exported from Assignments along with the submissions. Those values belong to a different tool and would need to be pulled from Data Hub.

    Assignment submissions cannot be pulled from Data Hub, only from the course offerings themselves.

    I hope that's helpful.

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    Yes it was - but since we do not use Data Hub I guess I need to contact my D2L Customer Success Manager.

    So I really thank you, now we can move forward

    Kind regards

    :) Karin