Automating Google Workspace account updates

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We're updating our workflow that allows students to do a self-service preferred name change. It includes the option to update the username/email as well. Our current IPSIS/ILP integration correctly updates the D2L details for the students, but if the student's gmail address is also updated, the D2L/Google Workspace link needs to be manually removed and relinked with the new username. Does anyone know of options to automate this?


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    None of the tags I tried to use work. Google, Google Workspace Admin, API, Extensibility

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    Hi @Andy.Freed7110 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    We recommend checking your IPSIS configuration settings. It is likely that what is needed, is to go into the IPSIS Configuration and update if email is overwritten by Google.

    Below are some screenshots showing where to find these settings.

    We hope this helps and please feel welcome to reach out with more questions!