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Hi everyat ione,

We are planning on building out robust course templates for every course so that when our SIS integration is ready it will create the courses that look identical to the parent template. It seems that when I try and create a course based on a parent template it doesn't automatically build the course. Instead I have to do a second step and go to the new course and then copy the components from the parent template.

If that is the case, why have a template if it won't create a course that looks like the template?

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    Hello @Linda.Beith2439,

    Thank you for reaching out to us via Community!

    The primary purpose of the template org unit is to act as a container that groups similar or related courses together: for example, all History 101 courses could be associated with one parent History 101 course. This is useful for enrollment, course creation, and administration of courses over time.

    The course template could also act as a library for child org units. Template components and settings are not automatically inherited by child org units; however, they can be shared or copied over to course offerings. The connection between a template and a course offering also allows some tool items to be shared from a template to a course offering, such as: themes, navigation, links, link groups, competencies, rubrics, remote plugins, external learning tools (ELTs), and ePortfolio forms. However, tool items can only be managed from the template.

    I found this information from this article that might be useful for you - About Course Templates. May I suggest you review this article and see if this helps?

    Please let us know if you may have any concerns or queries.

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    Thank you for the information, Rusha. I guess I was hoping that the course template would automatically duplicate all items in the template into the course created from that template witihout having to go the extra step to copy all the content from the template into the course. I appreciate the clarification