Using intelligent agent to identify users 2 weeks after tutorial, with a non-passing grade


Can I use an IA to identify and email users who have not passed an online assessment within 2 weeks of a face-to-face graded tutorial? The only actionable activities are login activity and course access—neither of which seem to apply. I've set release conditions related to: non-passing assessment grade and tutorial attendance but is there anything that tags these to within a certain timeframe of each other?


  • Stephen.R.50

    Hello Donna,

    Thanks for your great question! I believe the only way that you would be able to add a time element to this Intelligent Agent is to space the scheduling out to two weeks. Depending on how your course operates, I understand this may not be an option for you, especially if your graded tutorials are occuring at various times so the two-week spacing isn't going to be equal.

    Another potential option would be to use group enrollments to identify users for an IA. For example, if you had a few learners who completed the tutorial today (April 6th) they could be enrolled into a group. Using this group, you'd add another condition to a new IA (you could recycle existing ones and just make adjustments as required) and set the first run two weeks from April 6th.

    Hoping that this may help. If you have any questions don't hesitate to let us know!

  • Donna.Watson8434
    Donna.Watson8434 Posts: 4 🌱

    Many thanks @Stephen.R.50 for your suggestion. I've only just seen it.

    Am interested in the second option, using group enrolment as a Release condition and manually setting the date 2-weeks from the group tutorial. This has potential. Can I clarify—do I have to check an actionable activity? Neither the log-in nor course activity options apply as we would want to capture any user (active or inactive) who had not passed their assessment. Can an IA generate an email to users based solely on the release conditions if I provide a scheduled date for the email to be sent?

    Very grateful for your input.