Responsive Video Player and Video Lecture Template

Alan.P.39 Posts: 11 🧭
edited November 2023 in Release Notes

I read the release notes on the changes needed to the Video Lecture document template and added the code snippet to the custom.css file. The result was not what I expected. When I deleted the YouTube video there and then added a media library video, the video overlaid the text at the top of the page and appeared very large, taking over the available screen space. Did anyone have better luck with making adjustments to that document template?

If I remove the video-wrapper and embed-responsive div tags via the source code editor and then insert the video, it works fine. We lose the centering of the video though.



  • Jean.J.626

    Hi Alan,

    It looks the release notes are stating you no longer need to insert the video into this wrapper (the box) anymore for it to be responsive. However, it does sound like it needs to be added to the media library first.

    With respect to adding the embded-responsive div tages, can you try adjusting to centre using the formating tools in the editor box (see screenshot below):