What types of Quiz related resources do you want to see more of?

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We've noticed a lot of Quiz related questions coming into Community lately. Let us know what type of resources you prefer. We'll get busy creating to support your implementation of the Quiz tool in Brightspace.

What types of Quiz related resources do you want to see more of? 2 votes

Live webinars with experts
Learning Center resources
Workflow Documentation (Text, images, videos)
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    Honestly, none of the items in this poll are at the top of my list. What I would like to see is meaningful progress on the types of quiz questions we can create and more clear and intuitive workflows to create them.

    Summaries of these requests can be found on the following PIE items:

    Create New Generation NCLEX Question types for Quizzes (D6377)
    BrightSpace quizzes in need of critical updates (D9656) 

    However, if your developers are up for a challenge, try creating Workflow documentation for the following cloze question in which each missing verb (in brackets) is a gap. There are different ways to approach it. Maybe try different approaches and evaluate each for relative simplicity, intuitiveness, and resulting look'n'feel for the student. This sort of "letter from a friend" activity is standard in many langauge classes.

    Dear Jackie,

    Sorry it has (taken) me this long to write to you. I have (been) super busy with my new university courses and with life in a new and unfamiliar city. Have you (been) to Paris before? I can't remember. Anyway, if not, you will (find) it very different from Ottawa. The streets are narrower, the buildings in some areas are 300 years old, and down along the Seine you can (find) old men fishing at pretty much any time of day. Actually, maybe this last part (reminds) me of summer on the Rideau Canal.

    You would (like) my roommates. The four of us live together in a walk-up apartment in the 5th arrondissement. Liam is from Ireland and is (studying) Engineering. Andreas is from Italy. I'm not sure about his major, but he spends a lot of time (playing) his guitar. Dinglu is from China and is (taking) Linguistics. His French is probably the best out of all of us.

    I have classes most days and every weekend I (try) to go the Paris Flea Market. It's huge and spread out and I never know what I might (find).

    Food here is pretty expensive, especially in the restaurants, but I have (found) a good bakery where I can (buy) cheap baguettes and a grocery store that (has) a pretty good selection…including Kraft Dinner! They're both near the apartment which is handy.

    Anyway, I (hope) everything is going well for you back at home. Oh, and if you (are interested), my roommates and I (are going) to Greece for a week at the end of April. Let me know if you would like to come along. It (is going) to be fun!

    Talk to you soon.


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    @Mike.Barker4046 your passion for supporting English Language Learners and the challenges of offering diverse test question styles unique to licensure exams is truly shared by many in this Community- myself included!

    I also agree that there are two approaches that can be pursued (I feel that you've called these out in your feedback

    1) Continuing to advocate for new product functionality

    • via Product Ideas and sharing the opportunities to vote on these
    • via Comments and thoughts shared in Community- where these focus on product, we always share that feedback with our Product Team
    • via research participation with our User Experience Research Team
      • I'm not sure if you've see this option before- we've just posted the article to Community over the last few days but it can be a great way to connect and share with our Product Team

    2) Advocating for improvement and iteration of our documentation

    • This is an area where I think we can make some good progress together. I believe we're coordinating an opportunity to connect with you and our Community Team. If you'd be willing, I'd love to get your thoughts on a draft of some documentation specifically for Educators looking to make Cloze Quiz Questions which we can add to our documentation.

    Looking forward to connecting soon- and grateful for your thoughts here


  • Mike.B.559
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    Thanks for this Stefanie. Re #1, yes, I'll remain active in the PIE community…and thanks for the link to the "Research Participation" opportunity, I'll look into it. Re #2, we can try but frankly, in my opinion, there are no good options for Cloze using existing question types. At best, there are awkward workarounds. One last thing just to clarify, I work with instructors of many different languages, not just English.